Bright is representing allot of different countries:

And for all people that are not Bright members, we are always recruiting in the games we are active, there are always spots free for new cool and skilled members. The fastest way is adding JW "J2theW" on steam friends by clicking HERE. And then have a chat with him about what you want.

For this year we search for:

We are currently recruiting in:
World of Tanks, checkout our latest forumpost: WoT official forum!

CS:GO, add one of our squad leaders: Biowolf or Dezember

The Bright crew!

High ranked members:

JW "J2theW™" (Leader, owner & founder / WoT Squad Leader)
Erik "Biowolf" (Leader / CS:GO Squad Leader)
Wim "EnolaGai" (LAN area manager)
Wouter "ImABush" (WoT Squad Leader)
Roelof "Dezember8" (CS:GO Squad Leader)


At this moment the line-up is changing regulary since inactive members will be removed. For our WoT squad just look us up on the WoT clan website: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500014509/