Sorry for the bad english.. I hope you guys like our history :D The time that Bright was born was on 13:23 22-08-2002. bnZ-_-(now known as J2theW) created the channel #Bright on quakenet.org just for fun. He was scripting with mIRC and soon he had a nice triviascript and translated in dutch. Many people liked alot. On a point we even had competions with Team-Trivia and people could win prices. The channel peak was 78 and most of the times we had +50 people in the channel.

Alot of the people that played trivia and where in the channel #Bright were CS buddies from bnZ-_- and they started to think about their own clan. Cause many clans just died and didnt stay long on. So we decided to start a clan but wich name? After some talking we decided that bnZ-_- would be the clanleader and the name of the clan would be Bright. The first years (2002/2003) we only played PCW's and some trivia.

In 2004 till 2006 we were getting more organised. We started to play online leauges and even started our own. You can check the page "Results" for the results. Our own cups were really nice especialy #1 and #3. By number #2 we had some problems that many clans were going inactive or just died. And there were some big names in. Because many clans died we had no real competition against the smaller clans and we become 1st.

Bright cups in the media:
Gamelux: Semi-pro nieuws #2 (30-10-2005)
Gamelux: Shadows adds 2 (30-10-2005)
Gamelux: Bright Cup Brackets! (07-11-2005)
Counter-strike.nl: Bright Cup Brackets! (08-11-2005)

quote: Bright Cup Brackets! 07 Nov 2005 - 18:46 by Gamelux

"Een van de weinige Cups die het de afgelopen tijd goed doet is de Bright Cup. Aan deze cup nemen teams zoals Shadows, CMMDM en 1HP deel. In de Cup zijn de poulerondes inmiddels gespeeld en stromen de beste 2 van iedere poule door naar de Double Elimination bracket die je hier kunt vinden."

"One of the only cups that are doing good is the Bright Cup. The line-up of this cup are teams like Shadows, CMMDM and 1HP. The poulerounds are finished and the best 2 from evry poule will go to the Double Elimination bracket that you can find here(LINK BROKEN)."

End of 2006 and the year 2007 we did only PCW's with Bright because we didnt like to play online leauges anymore. This was thanks to all the stupid big leauges with all the stupid rules against cheaters. They were stupid because it didnt help at all and maked the wars only harder to find and start. But in this time our public #1 did really nice thanks to some new admins and plugins.

In the beginning of 2008 we started a TF2 squad. We really needed a public server and J2theW and BroerKonijn had the plan if you wanna be admin you need to pay. For becoming a admin just check this forum post: ADMIN RECRUIT *BRIGHT PREMIUM*. But the TF2 server didnt do good. Only Bright members where on it and there was no teamplay. Many people where not so loyal to Bright and J2theW and BroerKonijn decided that Bright.TF2 was only a public TF2 clan. We changed the TF2 server into CS1.6 and Bright started to recruit CS1.6 admins. Some names that are STILL supporting by donating money and putting time in Bright are:
- J2theW
- Appelkux
- gig3r/Kalashniko
- EnolaGai
- Panther
- and more :D
We also started at the same time a partnership with the clan DMF. But their clanleader was not so nice because he had so many plans but didn't do anything with it. It was lack of motivation and we stopped it.

And a other milestone in the Bright history was that we had our own nice logo that was designed by Sniper.

I can put many names on this page because alot of people I forgot in this story.. Like Ritjero that created our first nice website. Later J2theW changed the design. Here you can see a screenshot from the old site: Old site.

And their are many other people that supported bright a long time.. sorry for dont calling your names here..

Well I hope I didnt wasted your time..