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Bright LAN #2: wicked sick! (04-04-2010)

1st row (from left 2 right) German kid, Justus, Lea, Rose, Sh4dy, KleNz, Bucky, Mo!
2nd row (from left 2 right) Hattrick, aCe, Rewind, Biowolf, J2theW, Appelkux, diam0nd, Panther
People missing on the picture: AuQ, Stiopka and more? :P

Yeah yeah everyone is sober again.. well I hope :D

Well I think we can all agree the LAN was really nice. There were people from the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, France, Norway & Belgium so a nice international meeting. We played all kinds of games but mainly CS1.6/TrackMania/FlatOut2 and WC3 :D

We went out in the city of Zwolle and we had a great time and were (almost) all f*cking drunk haha and when we went back some of the geeks went directly gaming again :D

I wanna personal thank all people that came from far and from close and make such a wunderfull time together as geeks!

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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