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Latest news

Bright LAN #3 & major updates! (30-06-2010)

Yeaaah you read it good.. next Bright LAN is comming!!

And its on a special date 20 till 22 august. Why is this so special? Cause 22 august Bright will be here for more then 8 years! So we gonna eat some cake for sure! More info about this LAN? Ask J2theW but be sure you are a close friend of Bright if you wanna have a invite.

Sad & short news.. our BF:BC2 squad isnt active anymore.. mainly cause most of the Bright people don't like the game that much.

Good & longer news.. BRIGHT GOES ESL!

After Ollie & Destruction had some lil' experience as 2on2 team on ESL they wanna have more.. and so they do.. They recruited new players like Teh Suck and Dragonmaster, the complete ESL EU 5on5 team is:
Andy "Destruction"
Oliver "Ollie"
Moritz "Mo!"
Philipp "Interisti"
Florian "Dragonmaster"
Warren "Teh Suck"
They will go live a.s.a.p. by the name "Bright Beyond Elitetards" follow them? >>> esl.eu/eu/team/5140055/
All Bright members wish them all the succes and hope they win something!

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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