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Latest news

Bright LAN #3: 8th anniversary (22-08-2010)

standing from left 2 right: Dragon, Prince Albert, Lana, Hattrick, Bucky, Restylt, Biowolf, Tijg0rr, Sh4dy, Inter
ducked from left 2 right: J2theW & aCe
People missing on the picture: Shaden, Zatlap, Killer, EnolaGai

Well our 3th LAN was again a succes with 16 people in total again. We made this LAN cause soon I will leave for 5 months for New Zealand for my internship and not to forget we had our 8th anniversary.. and a anniversary w/o cake is nothing so check the cake :D

We played many different games like TrackMania, CoD:MW2, UnrealTournament but offcourse especially CS1.6 :D

I hope everyone enjoyed it and there will come again a new Bright LAN in april/may 2011 when I'm back from New Zealand. About Bright and my trip 2 New Zealand, there will follow shortly new info about who will lead Bright when I'm gone so stay tuned!

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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