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Latest news

The future is BRIGHT! (06-09-2010)

As most people already know for a long time I'm going 2 New Zealand for my internship and hopefully some holidays. But what do we do with Bright then? Well I think I still have a big roll in Bright since I'm the leader but you can easily see that Bright will survive when I'm gone for 5 months. We have allot of regular players in our clan and they are more then capable to keep Bright alive. To ensure that Bright will stay alive (well we will never die :P) but especially active as a gaming friend clan I give some more people more rights. For example recruiting new people/server admin/server reboot acces and many more.

Counter-Strike 1.6
Our CS1.6 section will be lead by Destruction and Interisti. They will recruit the new members and make sure Bright will stay active and play allot of PCW's and hopefully also officials on ESL.

CoD: Modern Warfare 2
The CoD:MW2 will be lead by Kalash, Bucky & Hailhail. They will do the same as Destruction and Interisti recruiting new members and kicking ass on the publics. But this group has also the objective to make a new squad when CoD: Black Ops will be released. We will get our own public for CoD:BO if the dedicated servers will be plugged in and have allot of possibilities to change like you can do with CS1.6. So wanna join us? Contact us on the forums!

Head admins
Then offcourse Appelkux & Kalash our head admins will keep me up2date with all things in Bright clan if its still active enough and off course they have full rights for the servers incl. reboot and more. But I will add one more guy to the Head admin group and thats Biowolf. Hes active in CS1.6&MW2 and will try 2 guide the rest if theres a need for it. Also Biowolf will keep me up2date with how Bright is doing.

I'm going 2 have my internship in Auckland, New Zealand. Offcourse I will keep a weblog up2date @ j2thew.waarbenjij.nu/ and for my non-dutch friends I will also add something in english on it so you guys still know if I'm alive ;) but I will also be online on steamfriends/MSN/skype/facebook and will check the bright forums :)

Take care guys and keep Bright alive and active :D
And before you know I'm back 2 wh00p your ass ;)

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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