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Latest news

Bright still alive and kicking / Bright LAN #4 (15-04-2011, by J2theW)

standing from left 2 right: Zatlap, tijg0rr, Bucky, Kalash, Appelkux, Biowolf, Shaden, Patrick
ducked from left 2 right: J2theW, Sh4dy, aCe, KILLER, Restylt (laying)
People missing on the picture: Interisti, Mo!, EnolaGai

Well our 4th LAN was again a succes with 16 people in total again just like last time. As promised by LAN #3 I would create another LAN in april or may. After many many requests I decided to do it already in beginning of April. It was really cool cause again people came from very very far again. Country's represented where Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and France. We gamed allot and even went for karting. Some of us went later on for a party in the city. I wont tell what happend there cause that would be not nice for Bucky and Mo! :D

The other very important reason we made this LAN is because of making Bright active again. We were still very active in CS wars and MW2 but not using our publics. After very long talks all bright members on the LAN could say what they thought that was needed. A short overview what we did the last couple of days:
- Bright FORUM, is going down in one week, we dont use it enough
- A new way to contact us will be FACEBOOK
- Reinstall the publics
- HLstatsX working again with new stats
- New AMXBANS version
- Everybody is welcome again, banlist deleted
- Admin poweres restricted (only ban/kick/slay/slap/teamchange/votes) to make sure the admin abuse will be limited

Some people might ask why use facebook as a communication device. The reason for this is cause it will be more personaly when you have an better idea against who you are speaking and hopefully conversations will be more respectfull. If you don't have FB? Well then simply create one ;)

About Bright squads and members we also made a big chance. On the crew page you can see who are active/inactive and what their rank is in Bright. Philipp "Interisti will be the Squad war leader for the CS section. We are currently not recruiting new warplayers but you can always keep an eye open on the CREW page.

I hope everyone enjoyed the LAN and will play allot again on our amazing servers! The next LAN? Maybe in August 2011..
Special thanks to Unity` from the CreativeHosting.nl crew for configuring the servers and installing HLX and amxbans. Aswell to PieterMX the big boss of CreativeHosting for supporting and sponsoring us.

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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