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Latest news

Bright back to TF2? LAN #5? (22-09-2011)

It was a while since I made an official post again on our Bright site. As most already noticed small updates will be given on our FACEBOOK public group. If you checked it regulary you already know the most of this stuff here.

Why back to TF2?
Well I didn't make the choice all by myself. As some of us still know we had a very active TF2 part in Bright with 2 war squads and allot of public members that where in total more then 30 Bright players from all over Europe. But some foolish squad leader wanted to do a take over and stole allot of members. Then I decided I would be focussing on CS1.6 again and the funny part is that the squad leader failed big time cause after less then a month his new clan was dead and everyone begged to join Bright again.. but yeah that wasn´t going to happen cause we want loyal players and no clan hoppers in Bright.

So TF2 was getting a free game and allot of Bright members were actually playing it. Also I got the hang of the game again alltough sometimes some weapons are to much overpowered its a great game and with the updates that they are still running its getting in a good balance again. So after allot of talks with Biowolf and Bucky we decided to give it a try again with TF2. So far it looks like a real good idea cause since last week we got two new 24 slot publics and on our 24/7 Dustbowl server every evening there are people playing on. So I think this will give Bright a major boost to attract new clan members again.

Servers Bright's playground #1 :: 24/7 Dustbowl :: www.BRIGHT-ONLINE.nl Bright's playground #2 :: 24/7 Goldrush & Badwater :: www.BRIGHT-ONLINE.nl

We did on purpose not to much plugins on the servers. We have only sourcemod admin plugin and a restriction plugin so there wont be in one team 7 engineers for example. The restrictions are atm only for engineer, spy and sniper with a maxium of 3 on both sides. We also hope by this people play more the objective then going for kills.

New members
In the mean time we also have some new members. And even one member is from outside of Europe and thats Abdul from Saudi Arabia. Thomas and Abdul will be mainly active in MW2 and YoOoster, Erus and Sgt.Nova will be mainly active in TF2.
Thomas "Thomas Fast_ass"
Abdul "D@rksider$"
Youry "YoOoster"
Sylvester "Erus"
Merlijn "Sgt.Nova"

Bright LAN #5 coming @ 25-27 November.
Like promised in the news post before I would make a new LAN. It will be again in Zwolle, the Netherlands same location as always. To keep up2date with all new things I would recommend to check the event on Facebook. You can find it by checking our group. Most important is that the main games will be CoD:MW2 and TF2 but it would be also nice to play CoD:MW3 that will be released in begin of November. It will be probably one of the new games in Bright where we will start another squad with.

Hope you are all happy with the changes.. and yeah me after 11 years of CS1.6 and Bright as clan more then 9 years its time to give CS1.6 a rest.. maybe forever..
And remember if you ain't BRIGHT.. you aint right!!

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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