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Bright LAN #6, hoodies and more! (12-05-2012, by J2theW)

So this news is also a question to all of Bright what they think about Bright with the following subjects, new news system, hoodies and offcourse LAN #6.

News system
First of all this is the new news system. I hope you guys all like it and make sure to reply so now and then. This will making new news messages for me much more fun and the profit for you guys is that when you are not following us so good on facebook you can update yourself by simply checking our website. So the goal is to make the site again a bit more used by all of us. Also for new suggestions to improve the site, please leave comments!

For the hoodies I have good news. We will get complete new ones a.s.a.p.!! Also for Peterenis their is now a chance he will get his M sized hoodie. He was actually to late with ordering his but hopefully now he will get his own hoodie. So as you can see theirs a Bright side on this story.

LAN #6
So what about a new LAN? I would like to have a LAN around 22 august 2012 cause Bright will celebrate his 10 years anniversary. But this is also a time for summerholidays and with this allot of people cant get free or already have plans. September is a busy month aswell with my own birthday, my girlfriends birthday and allot of friends like Demon also celebrate their birthday party.
So what about October? Tell me which weekend you prefer or if you cant come one weekend for sure. Think for example about birthday parties from your parents or any other important day.
Weekends of october (starting friday evening):

5-7 October
12-14 October
19-21 October
26-28 October

So let me know when you can or cant. Also inform me if you are in the clan and I didnt add you yet on the recruit page or your info is wrong. To add you the site please provide the following by email or facebook, first name, games bright is active in and youre aswell, when you joined (year). The recruit page will be changes a.s.a.p.

So hope you like all the new stuff thats going in our clan. I will make more news post here and make sure to leave a message :)

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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