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Latest news

Bright 10 years - LAN #6 - Servers moved (16-09-2012, by J2theW)

Bright's 10th anniversary
On 22 August 2002 Bright was created by me. That means we are now more then 10 years active in the gaming scene with our clan. I think this is quite an accomplishment and we can be proud what Bright still is these days. To celebrate this I ordered something nice to make the LAN area look nicer... but this will stay a surprise till the lan!

Wanna know more about the history of our clan? Then check this page bright-online.nl/history.html

Bright LAN #6 and the hoodies
As most of us know the Bright LAN #6 is moved for a week. It will be now from 26 october till 28 october. Also (almost) everyone should have received their hoodies. Many thanks for ordering them and make sure you take it with you to the lan!

Servers moved today
The servers are moved by CreativeHosting to a even more stabile and faster location then before. Make sure to add the following ip's to your favourites:
TF2 server #1 Dustbowl >> IS NOW >>
CS:GO server #2 Rotation >> IS NOW >>


So hope you like all the new stuff thats going in our clan. I will make more news post here and make sure to leave a message :)

Kind regards,
JW "J2theW"
manager Bright, Beyond Gaming

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