Bright is a clan that started in 2002 and was founded by J2theW. The idea about the clan was to be active in multiple games and have our own website, voice- and game-servers. As you probably noticed we succeed in all points. But to keep the clan alive we are always recruiting for new skilled and friendly players.

Bright has currenlty members from all different countries:

We have been active in the following games:

At this moment we are only active in:

For this year we search for:

We are currently recruiting in:
World of Tanks, checkout our latest forumpost: WoT official forum!

CS:GO, add one of our squad leaders: Biowolf or Dezember

Requirements and guidelines

In order to keep our clan active and alive we need to state some basic rules that should be followed at all times. This rules apply for all squads and members in Bright, Beyond Gaming. If you break this rule we are automaticly allowed to remove you directly from the clan without warning.

On steam and others games your active on for Bright:
- Tag on
- Bright steam logo

The steam logo can be found here: steambrightlogo.jpg

Guidelines for all games
These guidelines are their particular for use to other clan members in our clan. We ain't responsible for your behaviour to other inviduals in the gaming scene. The rules will be also holded very strict on the Bright servers itself.
- No flaming
- No racism
- No cheats
- No bug use
- Respect all players
- Have fun!

Another important rule is that Bright will be your only clan in the games they are active. Do you play a game like Battlefield3 and Bright isnt active in that game you're free to join another clan aslong its not in the same game.

How to become a Bright member

In order to become a Bright member we made a list of must haves to become a Bright member.

Must haves for all games
- English language skills (verbal/writing)
- Game skill depends but we recommend medium/high
- Age of 16+ to become a member
- Teamspeak (free download)
- Microphone (to communicate on ventrilo)
- Follow the Bright guidelines (stated above) at all times

Do you think you take what it gots to be a Bright member? Then check for the following games:
# World of Tanks:checkout our latest forumpost: WoT official forum!

# CS:GO: add one of our squad leaders: Biowolf or Dezember